Pro Tips On How To Write An Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The last impression is the most memorable. It presents an opportunity to make the final appeal and impression. In fact, your persuasive essay will have an impact based on the strength of the conclusion. Your conclusion should be guided by the following principles.

  • Restate the thesis statement- this acts as a reminder to your reader about what your paper was all about. After reading an entire paper, it is possible for the reader to forget what the main point was about. By restating the statement, you justify the conclusion that you are about to make.
  • Summarize the points you were discussing- as you will realize from numerous essay examples, the conclusion is supposed to capture the points being discussed in brief. The summary is accompanied by conclusions drawn from the points presented. There must be a logical relationship between the facts presented in the body and the conclusion made.
  • Make it interesting- experts on how to write a conclusion are not suggesting that you make fun at the conclusion. An interesting paragraph is logical and based on the facts presented. Choose your words wisely such that the reader will agree with you without doubting your conclusion. Remember that this is the final impression and it must be made to count. It will determine the perception readers will have of your argument.
  • Proofread argumentative essay examples point at several other guiding principles on making your conclusion captivating. The length of the conclusion will depend on the full length of your paper. A paper that is a few paragraphs long will require a conclusion that is a paragraph in length. If a paper is several hundred pages, the conclusion could be a page or more.

    Use the conclusion to consolidate your ideas. From conclusion examples, it is evident that the context is similar to the introduction paragraph. However, while the introduction is inquisitive, the conclusion addresses the issues with certainty because evidence has already been presented.

    There are other characteristics that should guide your concluding paragraph as given by expert academic writers.

    Make it Brief

    The conclusion should be the shortest part of your paper. In fact, four sentences are enough to conclude your paper. Remember that you are not trying to convince anyone about your point. In that case, you are not required to use a lot of words. If you understand how to write an argumentative essay, you must know that facts and explanations are provided at the body of your paper. Trying to explain anything at the conclusion means that you did not do a good job in the body of your paper.

    When writing a paper that is a few paragraphs, each sentence should summarize a paragraph. The summary must be faithful to the facts presented in that paragraph. There must also be a relationship between the paragraphs being summarized to ensure that your paper is logical.

    No New Information

    The conclusion should only focus on the information that has already been presented. New information will require more space and proof, two elements that do not characterize a conclusion. You can avoid including new information by drawing an outline. The outline will help you identify all your ideas and also choose where each of these ideas will go.

    Conclusions are always unique depending on the argumentative essay topics chosen. The conclusion must justify the position taken and also show the reader that you have achieved the goals you desired. Review samples from credible sources to establish the best format for a conclusion.